2018 Scholarships


Stewartville Merit-Based Scholarship Fund

The Stewartville Merit-Based Scholarship Fund has been generously funded by several donors interested in promoting educational excellence for graduating Stewartville High School Seniors. Eligible students must be a current senior enrolled at Stewartville Public Schools pursuing a career in education, business, math, or science. Selected applicants will have the background to be successful in their chosen field based on academic excellence, work experience and community participation. $500 awards.

Dorothy and J. Edwin Brin Scholarship Fund 

Dorothy Brin taught home economics for thirty-two years both in Minneapolis and in Stewartville. She and her husband were committed to education needs for Stewartville students. This scholarship was established to encourage Stewartville public school students who have demonstrated financial need to pursue higher education. Academic achievement, leadership, and good citizenship will be evaluated for students interested in careers related to economics, business, agriculture or education. $1,000 awards.

Dr. A.O. Hagen-Helen Tews Hagen Scholarship 

Dr. A.O. Hagen hailed originally from Kasson, but after graduating from the dental college at the University he established his dental practice in Stewartville. His wife, Helen, lived in Stewartville her entire life where her parents owned and operated the Tews Hotel for 47 years. The Hagens wanted to give the youth of their community the opportunity to further their education, and chose to award their scholarships to high school seniors demonstrating academic achievement, leadership, citizenship and financial need for students pursing a four-year degree. $1,500 awards.

Stewartville Tiger Need-Based Scholarship Fund 

The Stewartville Tiger Need-Based Scholarship Fund has been established by generous donors concerned with outstanding students who have financial or other needs that may present barriers to access for higher education. Eligible students must be a current senior enrolled at Stewartville Public Schools with financial need or who have experienced a family hardship. Specific criteria to be considered also include academic achievement, leadership, and good citizenship. $500 awards.


Amy L. Donahoe Memorial Scholarship 

This scholarship was established jointly by GEOTEK Corporation and Conrad Fingerson, a private donor, in honor of Amy L. Donahoe who was a co-founder of GEOTEK Corporation. The scholarship awards students interested in pursuing a business or engineering degree, or a degree in fields related to those disciplines. Eligible students must be a current senior enrolled at Chatfield High School. $1,000 award.


JM Class of 1964 Scholarship 

This scholarship was established as meaningful and lasting way for the Class of ’64 to celebrate its 50th reunion and in gratitude to the JMHS faculty, staff, community, families, and friends whose support was received during their high school years. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior at John Marshall High School planning to attend an accredited post-secondary institution, who has at least a 3.0 GPA, demonstrates outstanding school and community leadership, and has financial need. $1,000 award.


Walter and Pauline Castner Scholarship 

Deadline extended to midnight on March 16, 2018. This scholarship was created in memory of “Dosia” Castner, who was born on a family farm and taught in most of the county schools in Kalmar township. This scholarship supports any Byron High School senior who plans to pursue a post-secondary degree in an agricultural related field, or in elementary or secondary (K-12) education. $3,000 award.


Kristi Lambert Memorial Scholarship 

Deadline extended to midnight on March 16, 2018. The Kristi L. Lambert Memorial Scholarship Fund was created through a generous donation from the Wal-Mart Foundation to benefit graduating seniors at Mayo High School. It is awarded annually to seniors who plan to continue their education at a post-secondary accredited institution with preference given to those applicants who have a record of volunteer service in the community, particular working with diverse populations. $500 award.


Kasson-Mantorville Scholarship Fund 

This scholarship fund was established through generous donations by many individuals, groups and organizations in the greater Kasson-Mantorville area to honor scholastic performance, extracurricular and community involvement, and future goals and aspirations of Kasson-Mantorville High School graduating seniors. Eligible students must be a current high school senior at Kasson-Mantorville High School and have been enrolled at KMHS for two quarters prior to applying. The scholarship awards students with significant extracurricular activities, volunteer or work experience, and considers unusual circumstances. Awards range from $1,000 - $2,000.

Ron & Marsha Durst Scholarship Fund 

This scholarship was established to fulfill a desire of Ron and Marsha Durst to help fund college education for students pursuing a degree in education, medicine or agriculture. Their family places a high value on the lifelong benefits they received from obtaining college degrees. $1,500 award.


Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Fund

Deadline extended to midnight on March 30, 2018.The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial aid to individuals growing up in southeast Minnesota who are committed to sustainability in the fields of agriculture and forestry, have demonstrated leadership and communication skills, and are interested in pursuing a career in sustainable agriculture and/or forestry. Sustainable practices ensure clean water, health regenerative soils, and vibrant rural communities for future generations. The scholarship fund seeks to find the next generation of agricultural and forestry professionals who will learn how to manage our environment on a completely sustainable basis, provide food and shelter for people, and in the process protect our precious natural resources for our children and those yet to come. This scholarship is available to undergraduate students in their junior or senior year and graduate students from Southeast Minnesota. $5,000 award. More information can be found at https://www.protectourresources.org/index.html.

Blenkush, Dilley, Tvedt, Tyce and Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund 

This memorial scholarship fund was created to honor individuals who worked in the PORT Community Corrections program. The scholarship assists those living in Dodge, Fillmore or Olmsted County who are convicted felons, adjudicated juveniles, youth who have been involved with the County court systems, or youth who are under or have successfully completed correctional supervision in an official diversion program within those counties. $1,500 awards.