Grantee Stories

Distant Relatives

Rochester Program Strengthens Roots for Immigrant Youth

Gardeners know that moving a plant from one area to another can cause something called "transplant shock," stress of damage to the plant from the movie.  Plants moved from one spot to another often need a period of time to acclimate to their new environment.  For the move to be a success, a variety of factors must be considered. 



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Bear Creek Services

Taking the First Step in the Journey to Independence 

Independence. Responsibility. A sense of accomplishment.  These are just a few of the gifts Bear Creek Services offers to those living with developmental disabilities in Rochester.

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The Sports Mentorship Academy

Combining Sports, Study, and Service to Create Successful Futures

Studies show that when young people participate in physical education and sports, they not only gain health benefits, they also lean about honesty, fairness, respect, teamwork, and following rules.  

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A Great Idea Takes Root

Community Dental Care Brightens the Future

There is a program in Rochester that is changing the lives and futures of its patients and providers. Community Dental Care (CDC) offers quality dental care to underserved populations.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of the American adult population does not see a dentist annually (source: )—a significant problem as poor dental hygiene has been linked to poor overall health. Locally, the CDC wants to change that.

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First Homes Community Land Trust

Building a Legacy of Affordable Housing

Walking into Desiree Franken’s home, it’s clear how happy she is to be there. “It’s like it was meant to be,” she says.

Almost two years ago, from the back porch of her apartment, she watched construction of a First Homes project. “ I would never be able to afford something as nice as this,” she thought.

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