Board of Trustees

Mark Utz

Attorney, Wendland Utz

RAF Board Chair

“RAF provides significant resources to local nonprofit objectives. Moreover, RAF provides individuals and nonprofit organizations tools to fulfill their charitable intentions i.e. donor advised funds and asset management. I joined the RAF so that I could participate in helping bring resources together to fulfill community members charitable intentions.”





Greg Layton

US Bank, Market President

RAF Board First Vice Chair

“The RAF has such a long history of investing in the Rochester area in an ongoing effort to make our community a better place.  If I can help even a little bit, I am all in. Rochester is my home.”





Don Supalla

Former President, RCTC (retired)

RAF Board Second Vice Chair

"As a member of the Foundation's Grant Distribution Committee, I witnessed how the Rochester Area Foundation was enhancing quality of life and improving communities throughout the greater Rochester area. As a member of the Board, I look forward to sharing my time, talent and treasure to continue to foster the Foundation's good work while encouraging others to do the same."




Brad Schmidt

Mayo Clinic CFO (retired)

RAF Board Treasurer








Denise Kelly

US Bank, Vice President and Managing Director, Private Client Group

RAF Board Secretary

“The RAF's focus on making this community and area a great place for all is inclusive and resonates with me. I hope to contribute by sharing the message of the foundation and collaborating to make the organization even better."





Tony Benson

Communication Coordinator

Rochester Public Utilities






Lisa Clarke

Executive Director

Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency







Paul Gorman, Mayo Clinic Treasury Services

“Rochester Area Foundation plays an important and enabling role with donors in supporting many worthwhile projects and organizations, both big and small, in the greater Rochester area. I look forward to contributing to this process and being part of the Board.”





Mary Ehmke

CEO, KMTelcom

"I have always believed in philanthropy and have been impressed with the mission and activities of the Foundation. I believe I can be a voice for the smaller businesses and communities surrounding the Rochester Area."






Larry Koshire

President, Koshire Consulting LLC, former General Manager, Rochester Public Utilities







Walt Ling

IBM, Vice President Technical Support Services (retired)

“I have been interested in the work of the foundation for years.  When a respected community leader asked that I consider joining I took the opportunity. Also, my work with the UWOC and the investment connection with RAF made a great deal of sense to me.”





Kathryn Lombardo, MD

President, Olmsted Medical Center







Wendy Shannon

Director, Graduate Induction Program, Winona State University, RAF Past Chair  

“I have a passion for supporting community issues in the Rochester area.The foundation is a vehicle to expand partnerships, leveraging resources to build a better community.”






Steven Spohn

SVP/General Counsel, Think Bank







Karel Weigel, Mayo Clinic (retired)  

“It has been my priviledge to be involved with RAF for several years through First Homes and other program. It is a premier community organization that is dedicated to collaborative public-private sector partnerships. It is an honor to serve as a trustee.”







Jane Campion

Mayo Clinic (retired)

Emeritus Trustee

For her years of dedication and service on behalf of the Rochester Area Foundation, we acknowledge Jane Campion as our Board Member Emeritus.







Past Board Chairs

Name Term Served
Harry J. Harwick* 1944-1958
T.H. Johansen 1958-1961
Earl A. Baker 1961-1964
Robert A. Bezoier* 1964-1971
Howard T. West 1971-1973
Kenneth M. McGhie 1973-1975
J.W. Harwick 1975-1978
Isabel C. Huizenga* 1978-1983
Herbert M. Stellner Jr. 1983-1985
H.T. "Chub" Stewart 1985-1986
Curtis L. Taylor 1986-1988
James L. Talen 1988-1990
Ann N. Ferguson 1990-1992
Alan O. Tuntland 1992-1994
Jane K. Campion 1994-1996
Dan Berndt 1996-1998
Michael Bue 1998-2000
Alan DeBoer 2000-2002
John Withers 2002-2004
Al Schafer 2004-2006
David Stenhaug 2006-2008
Mike McNeil 2008-2010
Leigh J. Johnson 2010-2012
John Benike 2012-2014
Hugh C. Smith 2014-2016
Wendy Shannon 2016-2018

* also served as Executive Director