Joining weGive365:

  • Memberships are paid either quarterly or annually to equal a minimum of $365
  • Donations can be through EFT via Rochester Area Foundation or a check sent to the Foundation. If quarterly payments are selected as the option for giving, EFT sign-up is required
  • Sign up to be a weGive365 member here.
  • Questions? Contact Carrie at or 507.424.2402

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weGive365 is designed to:

  1. Be a simple and straight forward collective charitable giving collaborative
  2. Assist nonprofit organizations or organizations with fiscal agent sponsorship that do not require large funding streams
  3. Enable members to develop greater understanding of philanthropy
  4. Enable members to vote on all grants awarded
  5. Enhance member understanding about the needs in the greater Rochester area
  6. Generate collective funding to generate innovative solutions to these challenges
  7. Provide long term sustainability for grant support
  8. Have 50% of the donations received in any given year returned to the community through grants. The remaining 50% will be retained as endowment for future years grant funding

There will be one grant cycle annually for weGive365. It will fall in June each year. As a minimum, 50% of the donations will be set aside for grant funding. Grant submissions will be received on line with a June 1 deadline each year. Grants will be reviewed by the grant committee against the set criteria and submitted to the members for voting. Grant awards will be announced at the end of June.

Future grant cycles will be determined by fund growth and member desire to create focus areas for grants. As the fund grows, the steering committee will determine possible increases in grant cycles and funding, subject to member voting agreement.