weGive365 Grant criteria:

  1. Application must be complete and received by the deadline
  2. Grant request must be no greater than $1000
  3. Applicant must be a 501(c)3 organization or have a fiscal agent sponsorship
  4. Applicant must have its location within a 30 mile radius of Rochester area or do work within that 30 mile radius a as part of the grant application approval process

Grant review will prioritize grants that show:

  1. Creativity and innovative solutions to challenges
  2. Collaboration – who are you working with or sharing with to enhance your program
  3. Feasibility – the plan establishes that the organization can do what they say with the grant funding
  4. Grant maximum request of $1,000

It is expected that the grants in the initial years will be limited by the funding available. It is also expected that the number of requests will surpass the funding available. Therefore guidelines will be set to allow a reasonable number of grants to be reviewed and to receive funding. For example if $10,000 is available the grant committee will select the top 15 grants for member review and voting. Of these 15 grants, 10 might receive $1000 each or 5 might receive $1000 each as the members vote determines.