Current Gifts

The Rochester Area Foundation offers flexible options for clients looking to start a family fund, manage complex tax situations, or leave a lasting legacy. Our goal is to help you help your clients. You can easily compare giving options with your client by using our Guide for Giving.

Your client’s current gifts can include: unrestricted gifts; donor advised gifts; designated gifts; and field of interest gifts. The clients can create a named fund with a current gift or a planned gift.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted fund enables the Foundation to respond to the changing needs of our community. The Board of Trustees identifies key issues and focuses the resources to strengthen the community. Support is directed to projects of merit that symbolize a hope in the vitality and vigor of all people who make up our community. Through generous unrestricted gifts and wise financial management, the Foundation invests in the diverse needs of today and imparts hope to the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow.

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Donor Advised Gifts

In less than a day, your client's can create a donor advised fund, earn an immediate tax deduction and begin meeting their philanthropic goals.

A donor advised fund can simplify your clients charitable giving. With a single gift to create a donor advised fund, your clients can coordinate all of their charitable activities through the fund. Once established, your clients can support the issues and organizations they care about by making recommendations. The foundation handles all the paperwork.

The Foundation’s staff is available to help research issues and organizations for your clients. Grants from a donor advised fund can be made in your clients’ name or anonymously, according to their preference. A donor advised fund may be established with an initial gift of $10,000.

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Designated Gifts

Your client can help endow their favorite charity in perpetuity, or assist it over a set number of years. They can be confident that their gift will be a lasting legacy, or should their nonprofit cease to exist, that the funds will be re-directed toward a similar cause. A designated fund can be established with a gift of $10,000. Designated funds can be created through legacy gifts such as bequests and charitable remainder trusts.

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Field of Interest Gifts

A field-of-interest gift allows your clients to invest in a specific area they care about such as education, environment, community services or the arts. With this option they can rely on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees to identify organizations capable of making the greatest impact in the specific field-of-interest. A field-of-interest fund may be opened for $10,000. Field-of-interest funds are a popular option for legacy gifts such as bequests and charitable remainder trusts.

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