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The chart above shows the power of the RAF endowment.  A gift that grows over your lifetime and is able to benefit others long into the future is what makes giving to RAF unique.  $10,000 turns into over $30,000 even after donating over $41,000 to charity!  

Check to the Rochester Area Foundation or to the charity of your choice

This is the most simple and straight-forward way of giving. It generates immediate benefit and is tax deductible. The donor does need to research the charity to determine that it is a valid institution.

Donor Advised Fund

This donation creates a fund at the Rochester Area Foundation that the donor can use to make donations to favored charities. Tax deductions are taken at the time of the donation to the Foundation. Charities are vetted by the Foundation on behalf of the donor to assure that they are valid institutions.

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Donor Designated Fund

This fund creates an endowed fund for the purpose of supporting an organization or organizations as designated by the donor. The gift is tax deductible at the time of the gift and the supported organizations will benefit from the donation not only immediately but also long after the donor is gone.

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Give Tomorrow

Charitable Gift Annuity

These annuities allow a donor to receive income during their life-time and at their passing transfer the remainder to the specified charity(ies).  Part of the gift is tax deductible and part of the income is tax free return of principal.  If appreciated property is given, tax is avoided on a portion of the capital gain.

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Charitable Trust

Trusts allow donors to provide for their favorite charities at the time of their death. A fixed percentage of the proceeds can go to the donor or beneficiary during the donor’s lifetime.

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Agency Endowment

The Foundation has a number of agencies that have entrusted their endowments to the financial management of the Foundation. Donors can give of their assets through bequests, remainder trusts and the like to the various agency endowed funds as part of their planned giving.

To learn more about giving through the Rochester Area Foundation, please explore the donor links below.  We invite you to call us at (507) 282-0203 or email us for a personal consultation.

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