Field-of-Interest Funds

This endowed fund is for the donor who has an area of interest they would like to support such as youth, the arts, elderly, education, or other area in perpetuity. Grants from these funds are distributed by the RAF Grants Distribution Committee, ensuring grants are awarded in the area of interest specified by the founding donor. These grants are available to area charitable organizations through the biannual application process. Grantees receive their awards in the name of the founding donor(s). The minimum to establish an endowed field of interest fund is $25,000.

Affiliated Credit Services Inc.

Affiliated Credit Services created this fund to help families learn to use credit wisely and to overcome credit difficulties.

Dr. Virginia B. Hartridge 

A $1.14 million endowment fund set up by the late Dr. Virginia B. Hartridge, a retired Mayo Clinic physician, is the foundation’s largest ever. Dr. Hartridge asked that her fund be used to “improve understanding of diversity issues and promote relationships among people of different backgrounds, expand opportunities to perform and enjoy music in our community and support special programs that will enrich the educational experience of students from preschool through graduate school in both public and private schools.”

Katherine Kilbourne 

Katherine Kilbourne moved to Rochester after her father’s appointment as superintendent of Rochester State Hospital. This fund was created to benefit institutions of higher learning in Rochester.

Bernice Krug 

Bernice Krug was a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic and Saint Marys Hospital and taught for many years at Saint Marys School of Practical Nursing. She designated that the gift be used for the care and benefit of preschool children.

Jennie Mo 

Born in Kalmar Township in 1877, Jennie had been a resident of the Byron, Minn., area all her life. In 1948, she left a bequest to serve people with disabilities.

Barbara Brown

This fund was created to provide support of programs that provide emergency/crisis assistance to families with financial need, and assist families needing support with "end of life" assistance such as hospice services.

George and Lois Annis

This fund was created to provide aid and assistance to the less fortunate citizens of the community. The couple especially had in mind children, the infirmed, and the aged.