Donor Advised Funds

Funds with donor choice

Rochester Area Foundation's donor advised funds are unique giving tools that allow you to remain actively involved with your gift while consolidating future charitable giving. They offer a simple and flexible way for you to make a difference in your community. By recommending grants from your fund as often as you wish, a donor advised fund allows you to easily support the organizations both near and far from home that matter to you.

The donors are advisors to the Foundation and make recommendations regarding the recipients of the grants generated by their fund. Grants are then forwarded to the organizations of choice in the name of the donor(s). The minimum to establish an donor advised fund is $10,000.

Adamson Motors 

Al & Ann De Boer 

Alan O. & Sharon Tuntland 

Allen & Anne Koenig 

Allison & Aaron Benike Family 

Amadio Family Fund for the Arts

Amy & Joe Cass 

Andrea J. Beck 

Arc Southeastern Minnesota 

Arne & Kay Fockler 

Art & Maryann Birdseye 

Audrey Nelson 

Beth Marie Nienow

Beverly Nelson Arts Education Fund

Cain Family

Char & Norm Hepper

Char & Norm Hepper Reading Center 

Charles & Barbara Withers 

Cheryl McGrath Key 

Craig and Linda Allen 

Curley Family 

Dan & Mary Jo Kelly 

Dan Davidson 

Daphna Davidson 

David & Della Jenkins 

David & Sara Stenhaug 

David & Virginia Holmes 

David B. & Barbara Frogner 

Dennis & Rita Semerad 

Dennis Busche 

Dick & Joanne Rosener

Don & Stephanie Supalla 

Dr. Gertrude M. Tyce Calvary Episcopal Church 

Dr. Judith & Judge Lawrence Collins 

Dr. Martin & Mary Campion

E.F. & Catherine Hrabe 

Ed & Mary Clark 

Eric McNamara Live Love Laugh Foundation 

Family Service Rochester

Fred & Roxanne Ziecina 

Friends of Mayowood 

Gary & Nancy Hayden Family Foundation

George Leighton Allen Sr. & Dorothy Hammett Allen 

Greg & Donna Layton 

Hartzell Family 

Hindermann Family 

Holy Anargyroi Greek Orthodox 

Home Federal Savings Bank 

Hugh & Aynsley Smith 

Irvin P. & Maureen Plitzuweit

J. Isabelle Dyck 

James & Joyce Talen 

Jim & Sue Clausen 

Jane Brandhagen 

Janet & Larry Johnson 

Janet Notheis Volkmar

Jeffrey E. Johnson 

Jim & Judy Sloan 

Jim Bier & Rita Till 

Joe Powers 

John & Cindy Benike 

John & Dottie Klopp 

John Kyle 

Karel Weigel 

Karsell Family 

Kevin & Julie Sutter 

KM Telecom 

Knights of Columbus Council 1013

Larry & Wendy Shannon 

Leigh & Judy Johnson 

Lisa J. Schlesinger 

Locke Family 

Lou & Jeanne Kuhlmann 

Lucille R. Phillips 

Lyle & Nancy Kuhlmann 

Lynn Behnke 

Marilyn Haglund 

Mark & Lucy Bahn 

Mark & Sheryl Tasler 

Mark & Julia Utz 

Marlene Delfs 

Mary F. Hauser 

McGuire Family 

Merle Peterson 

Michael & Nancy Domaille

Mindset Foundation

Natalie Webb Memorial

Neal & Cynthia Karels 

Neil P. Anderson 

Nuss Family/Mack Trucks of Rochester 

Oeth Family

Palmer Family 

Patricia & William Fitzgerald 

Patricia Judd 

Patrick & Karen Sheedy 

Paul & Beverly Olander 

Paul & Lucille Vermeersch 

Purrington Family 

Rachel Ehmke Memorial Foundation 

Reuben & Carol Kamper 

Richard & Nancy Brubaker 

Richard & Ingeborg Emslander 

Richard Orvold & Marita Heller 

Robert Schoenfelder 

Robert Wilkins 

Rochester Music Guild 

Rochester Public Library Foundation 

Rochester Rotary Club 

Ron and Judy Yaggy 

Ronald & Theresa Seeger 

Ronald & Linda Fess 

Roy L. Hoffman 

RT Autism Awareness Foundation

Ryan Windows & Siding Inc. 

Sarah J. Armstrong 

Scott Hosier Memorial 

Season's Hospice 

Shirley Nelsen 

Sidney & Iris Davidson

Slightam Family Foundation 

Sperling Family Foundation 

T. Emil & Dorothy Gauthier 

Tal Davidson 

Terri & Brooks Edwards 

The Rea Family 

Thomas & Patricia Miller 

Tom Hosier Memorial 

Van De North-Knight Family 

Rich & Marian Van Dellen 

Veterans & Emergency Services Museum

Victor Scott Trust 

Violet Loreen Glasby 

Wayne & Pam Wesala

Wayne L. Trahms 

Wells Fargo Bank 

William & Caroline Adamson 

Yanish Family 

Zubay Family Fund