If you would like to partner with the Rochester Area Foundation in establishing a fund but are unable to give the full amount right away, the Build-A-Fund option will be what you are looking for.  

Agency and Donor funds have a set fund minimum ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.  These amounts, while most effective for endowed growth, may not be able to be established in one gift. The Rochester Area Foundation understands this, and has created a vehicle for allowing those interested to establish their legacy over a period of time.

By pledging to gift 20% of the minimum fund per year (for five years), interested donors are able to begin building their legacy through the Foundation. The Build-A-Fund option is a great tool for long-term, budgeted giving and a wonderful way to increase your charitable footprint.   

Disbursements out of the established fund are able to be made upon completion of the entire gift amount.