Listing of Funds

A community foundation serves as a link between the community and those who want to help it. In bringing resources into a pool, an endowment of sufficient size is created and can be used to tackle community needs.

The funds listed on our web site provide an interesting composite of our community and its people. The charitable purposes for which these funds were established are fulfilled by the foundation in accordance with the donors’ or trustees’ wishes, or at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Rochester Area Foundation currently administers more than 250 individual charitable funds. Each of these funds is a reflection of their founding donor(s)- individual, family, group or organization's particular philanthropic goals. Every fund benefits from the economies of scale achieved when charitable assets are pooled for administrative and investment purposes. While all philanthropy adds value to the community, each type of RAF fund provides differing added value to philanthropy in the community. Each fund can be broadly defined as ‘Unrestricted’ or ‘Restricted’. Donors make the choice based on personal preference and charitable interests. A fund agreement is required to establish an individually named fund with RAF.