Community Heritage Society

Members of the Community Heritage Society are committed to assuring that the rich traditions of the greater Rochester area are sustained for future generations.  Membership can be attained by simply notifying the Foundation that you have provided for the community by making a financial provision in your estate plans to be directed through the Rochester Area Foundation. In partnership with the Rochester Area Foundation, your gift will benefit the community in perpetuity.

If you are interested in joining Community Heritage, click the following link for a letter of intent.  Print, fill out the letter, and mail it to the address listed to leave a legacy with the Rochester Area Foundation.  Letter of Intent

Neil Anderson Dick & Judy Argue
John Bakke William & Mary Ann Boyne
Margaret Breise Barbara L. Brown
Dr. Peter & Carol C. Carryer Jane Campion
Jim & Sue Clausen Portia Kendall
Al & Ann DeBoer Ms. Janet Denny
Dr. Joseph & Louis Duffy Edward Engel
Dr. & Mrs. Ferguson Barbara Flasch
Mike & Joy Fogarty Dorothy Gauthier
Majorie Ginn Toni A. Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Harkess Mr. Marianne Hockema
Mr. Roy L. Hoffman John & Rita Hunt
Mrs. Lois A. Jorstad ES Judd
Dan & Mary Jo Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Lyle S. Kuhlmann
Dr. & Mrs. Donald D. Layton Jon & Sue Losness
Wallace Merritt Mr. & Mrs. Harold Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Miller Mary Elizabeth Mussey
Audrey M. Nelson, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. James W. Newcomer
David & Dwen Oeth Richard Orvold & Marita Heller
Joe Powers Bruce & Sara Qualey
Christine Sadowski Al & Julie Schafer
Robert Schoenfelder Larry & Wendy Shannon
Jim & Judy Sloan Jim & Joyce Talen
Steve & Nancy Thornton Al & Sharon Tuntland
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Van Laningham Amy Waugh
Karel Weigel Joseph Weis
Nedra & John Wicks Joyce Wenz
Dr. Hugh & Aynsley Smith Ronald & Diane Yanish