Working with the Rochester Area Foundation in establishing a philanthropic fund with your client is easy and straight forward. Our staff is familiar with funds that give back now as well as those that give back in the future. When your client indicates that they would like to consider some sort of a philanthropic element to their financial plan, we are here to facilitate that discussion. A fund at the Rochester Area Foundation is a fulfilling vehicle for philanthropic intent.

The first step on this journey is to call us at 507-282-0203 or e-mail us at She can set up a meeting with you and your client, or if you prefer, she can meet with you prior to the client's direct involvement. Either way, we view this as a partnership which helps your client achieve philanthropic goals.

One element that assists this process is our Guide for Giving. On the back page is a questionnaire that can be used to discuss the type of philanthropic vehicle that would meet your client's needs. The questionnaire is simple and helps people think through why they give, what they give to and how they would like to give. These simple questions will help guide them to the vehicle that will suit their needs best, from a donor advised fund all the way through to a charitable remainder trust.

We are here to help you meet your client’s philanthropic goals as part of a long-term estate plan.