Planned Gifts

Leaving a Legacy

"The Foundation allows for lifetime planning and giving and also provides a perfect medium to leave a legacy - our way of saying thank you to Rochester and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. We can't do it alone, but together we can help to make a difference in this community and the world." ~ Al & Ann DeBoer

As you talk with your clients about estate and tax planning, you can be assured that a planned gift through the Rochester Area Foundation will continue to make a difference for generations to come.

Your clients can leave an endowment to the Rochester Area Foundation or utilize one of our many funds to meet their philanthropic goals. Whatever your clients' needs, the Rochester Area Foundation offers an array of options.

In many cases, we administer planned gifts that can allow your clients to receive income for life, then benefit charity after they have passed on. This is possible through the creation of a charitable remainder trust or a gift annuity.

Creating a Family Legacy

Your clients can leave a philanthropic legacy for their children or grandchildren by utilizing Rochester Area Foundation. An endowment to Rochester Area Foundation will help create a stable financial resource for the community for years to come, allowing us to adapt to changing needs.

If your clients want to ensure their family's charitable involvement continues after they're gone, they can create or add to a donor-advised fund through their estate plan.

Remembering Favorite Charities

Through Rochester Area Foundation, your clients can make an endowment gift to a favorite charity - even if that charity doesn't have an endowment. With a planned gift, your clients can create a designated fund to benefit a specific nonprofit in perpetuity. Rochester Area Foundation grants about 5% of the value of the fund to the agency each year.

Remembering Favorite Causes

For clients who are passionate about specific causes (affordable housing, seniors, etc.), a planned gift can provide funding in perpetuity for the causes they are most passionate about. Your clients' legacy gift can create a field-of-interest fund at Rochester Area Foundation, and the Community Foundation's expert staff will ensure that grants are made each year to the organizations doing the best work in that field.